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2021 Reading Challenge – July Recap – Self-Discovery

What has a greater impact on intent; logical realities or artistic idealisms? Both art and science speak to how things are, how things have been, and how things could be. They express realities as well as potentialities. The physical sciences, however, look to the outside world for these truths, whereas the arts look inwards. Both affect one another. The outer world changes us, and what we do with our inner truths affects the world.

feeling strange

I’m feeling strange today
though nothing’s really changed.
Its still not quite the same, I’d say
I’m confusing fear with love again.

2021 Reading Challenge – Week 26 – The Emissary

With deterioration as their new normal, the last children of Tokyo don’t despair. They don’t wallow, or mope. They just take each day as it comes. Is a long life full of vigor worth the emotional toll of raising a generation of youth knowing that their life will be full of pain? What’s the toll of knowing that they will die before you, never having been as lively you now are at 120 years old?

A Dream of Lakshmi

For the second time in my life, I’ve dreamt of a Hindu deity. The first time, bathed in sunlight and surrounded with the scent of fresh lavender, I was brought to the ocean. A giant sunflower, taller than a high-rise, approached me, lowered a leaf, and let me climb onto the giant ‘palm.’